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About me

My name is Mpho Motloung and I started my professional career with one thing in mind, to let my work make the world a more delightful place for everyone.

I strive to help you turn your feelings and thoughts into strengths. I take pride in professional 11 years experience in people development, coaching and relationship building.

Although I started out as a teacher, I have developed a love for building stronger and more focused individuals. Coaching was the next logical step.

Why choose me?

Self-empowerment is the fastest tool to change your circumstances. I love to see people being the best version of themselves and living their best life. In most cases this causes a domino effect, where others are to do the same.
I believe that people have the potential and passion to achieve any goals they set for themselves.

GoalsLab exists to help you escape your self-limiting beliefs and start creating the life you love.